BEYOND500 gives you strength and resistance exercises, cardio intervals, and the after-burn effect will also boost your metabolism for hours post-workout. This marriage of resistance, cardio and mobility is what we stand by for your fat-burning, lean muscle-building body transformation that we’re all after. It’s safe and it’s sweaty; but most of all, it’s fun.  

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4747 4th Army Drive, Suite #100 
Frisco, TX 75034
Meet BEYOND500: cardio intensity reformed. It's the newer and safer - but just as body transforming - alternative to HIIT. Our Pilates Hybrid Interval Training (PHIT) method is the most efficient and balanced workout system: Pilates-inspired functional movements, cardio intervals and strength exercises. 

BURN in The Hot Seat - stabilize and isolate your core in the Pilates chair.
BLAST on the Human Hamster Wheel - you provide the power on the self-propelled treadmill that's 30% more effective than conventional treads. 
BUILD with The Bell - strengthen and tone those muscles all over.

The best part about BEYOND500? The community and instructors. You will come in and feel welcomed, the instructors will know who you are and what your goals are. You'll meet new friends, people that will push you to your limits and help you hit your goals!

So, don't wait! Secure your LIFETIME DISCOUNTS to our brand new studio, that's coming soon to Frisco, today. 

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