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With a wide variety of class styles to choose from, custom-curated playlists, & an emphasis on positive motivation, The Barre Code is the MOST EFFICIENT and RESULTS-DRIVEN fitness program you will experience.
We go beyond the barre with our comprehensive program centered around cardio, strength, & restoration, and leave you feeling inspired with our motivational and empowering national community.
 2063 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137
Test your limits through cardio, strength, and restoration. Try our signature Barre Code class, the "Barre Code," for strength and conditioning, Brawl for an intense kickboxing workout, or Total Body Conditioning for a full-body workout incorporating cardio and strength training. We end each class with an active recovery using dynamic movements, deep stretches, and mindful meditation.
Welcoming Community 
& expert instructors
The Barre Code is for everyone of all fitness and experience levels. We have built a strong community of members and instructors across the country, and our clients love the encouragement, variety, and expertise our instructors bring to the workout so no two classes are ever the same.
Custom weekly Playlists 
with in-house DJ
We make sure that every class The Barre Code is a memorable experience! Our studios come equipped with blue lights to intensify the sensory experience and custom playlists created by our DJ that drive our movements, allowing your mind to release and experience active meditation. You will feel engaged and have a blast throughout your entire workout!
The Barre Code is more than just a fitness studio. It's a no-judgement zone where everybody and EVERY BODY TYPE is welcome. We are a community of empowering women that push each other, work through the challenges, lift each other up, and hold each other accountable. Join us for a Free Week of classes, and see the strength you can gain by walking in our doors! 

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