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Lynsea, Member

Me: ‘But I’m not a runner’ 
Them: ‘Let’s start with the Express 30 and build you up from there. We’ll make a runner out of you yet!’

Turns out, they were right, I am a runner!

Yesterday I anxiously stepped onto a treadmill to attempt my first Run Club class... and not only did I complete the entire class but I loved it. The lights, music and coach created a fun, upbeat, interactive and motivating atmosphere. The treadmill was easy to operate and allowed me to run at a pace that suited me. 
So, to all my fellow ‘non-runners’, give this a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Express 30
Our trainers will make sure you get the most out of your 30mins by challenging you with structured short intervals, sprints and hills. You will build speed and maximise your calorie burn all within 30mins!
Power 45 + strength
This class is our Power 45 class with 15mins of the class dedicated to running specific strength exercises off the tread. Our trainers will guide you through a series of exercises to strengthen those key muscles we need to run efficiently.
The Distance 90
Aiming to knock that Marathon off your bucket list or simply want to increase your km’s? Then The Distance 90 is for you! This class involves long intervals tempo and hills to maximise your endurance and overall fitness.
We offer a variety of structured running classes designed to help you build your speed, strength, endurance and overall health and fitness! Our trainers will guide you through all of our classes with plenty of encouragement and motivation. Monitor your progress over time by challenging yourself with greater speeds and distances. We offer a safe, friendly and supportive environment to achieve your fitness goals free from the unpredictable Melbourne weather. Our classes are suitable for all levels from run/walkers to elite runners, everyone is welcome at Run Club!
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