BEYOND classes guarantee you a sweaty, intense workout that’s anything but routine or recognizable from other fitness classes. From the start to the finish line, we coach you on the proper posture and body alignment with Pilates-based instruction, adding focus, concentration and fluidity to each workout.

We’ll bring awareness to your core to help you achieve a more efficient performance, more effective workouts and better form. How do we do this? With a strong clear structure driven by MUSIC. We call it, The BEYOND way. PLUS...we're now going to have the LARGEST Pilates studio in Frisco.

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BEYOND Interval Training
4851 Legacy Drive Ste. 503, Frisco, Texas 75034

4747 4th Army Drive, Suite #100 , Frisco, TX 75034
This high intensity group inventive Pilates-minded workout guarantees you a heart-pumping, intense and mind-freeing workout. We’re inspired by the talented work of many fitness individuals, and we strive to preserve and protect their methods, but we promise to seamlessly combine those principles with new, exciting fitness developments to meet today’s client needs. We believe in constant evolution, continuous innovation and genuine care. It’s what makes us different, and it’s felt each time you walk through our door. We seek out forward thinking workouts with integrated training program that incorporates familiar fitness principals. We are not rigid or regimented, offer options with thought provoking workouts. We work to redefine, remaster and remix workouts to keep our clients going.

Pilates Hybrid Interval Training, or cardio intensity reformed, is how we give clients a mixture of low and high intensity intervals by way of a safe, fun and different path. Interval training combines short bursts of speed (or, as we like to call it, movements that require a little more caffeine) with slower, more mind-provoking movements during recovery phases. We carefully select movements and combinations that work both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and can be progressed over time.

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